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Banned from opening event boxes

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edited June 2017 in Tech Support
I placed the override box on my hotkey and held it down, popped up a "Your account has been blocked permanently", what the f***?
No background programs aside from Discord & firefox.

This is the account that was supposedly "banned permanently".


  • DiscordOfColorsDiscordOfColors
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    edited June 2017
    supposedly? hmm
  • pepepepe
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    edited June 2017
    a lot of bans have been happening recently but it isn't the hackers that are being banned it seems

    somethings going on here
  • kelevkelev
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    I'm scared to play now. I also dc every few minutes, if I lose my account falsely to that I'll be losing so many years/money. I wonder if I should just not play for a few days. Nexon...