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Tot's Know How on Zero

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Is Zero not allowed to do this? I can press the icon or the hotkey all I want, it doesn't open the window.
I'd really like to receive my Puffram pet to make these dungeons a little more bearable..
Edit: I'm currently in Chapter 3 (Henesys) which apparently is a requirement, so that's not the problem either.


  • ToraAlluriaToraAlluria
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    sadly, tots know how is heavily broken, and has been for a while. I think you have to unlock it by being a certain level, I assume lvl ten. since zeros are never that level, it might not trigger... but that is my theory.

    but at the same time, the point of tots know how is to help new players, and you have to meet certain requirements to make a zero, so maybe maplestory assumes you already know how to play.