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Add/Create anvil-able cash items

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Anvils are an item in the cash shop that allows us to place the appearance of a regular in game equipment to another regular in game equipment of the same type.

Items are locked to both type and gender. This means overall can only go to overall, top to top, bottom to bottom etc. For gender this means male items can only be anviled with other male items, female to female and neutral gender to neutral gender.

What is being asked for:
A new type of cash shop equipment which starts as a blank item and comes with an anvil that allows it to take on the appearance of an in game item.

This would allow players to use the look of an in game overall while still using top/bottom for their real gear or the opposite.
This would also allow players to equip male-only items while wearing a neutral gendered item as their real gear or the opposite.

This is most commonly an issue with top/bottom vs overall but there may be gender locked items for other slots as well such as hats etc.


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    I think anvilling cash shop items over to another cash shop item would be great. It definitely works for items that expire because those types of items either haven't been released yet in a permanent version, or can only be obtain through outfit packs in the cash shop.