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[Monster Collection]Incorrect Elite Mob Names

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edited August 2017 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Text Error, Possible Functionality Issues

Brief bug summary:
There are six Elite monsters in the Monster Collection that currently display incorrect prefixes (3 with Seductive, 2 with KO, 1 with Charismatic, all unavailable in normal gameplay), leading to confusion as to which version of the monster should be killed for collection credit. This may also have the unconfirmed side effect of making these monsters uncollectable by the nature of how the Monster Collection system functions.

The six monsters are as follows:
- Seductive Violent Primitive Boar
- Seductive Chief Oblivion Guardian
- Seductive Alloy Xenoroid DX
- KO Chief Qualm Guardian
- KO Steel Xenoroid EX
- Charismatic Ripe Wolfruit

More details:
The three prefixes in question are not applied to randomly spawning Elite Monsters. Seductive was a previously available prefix that has since been altered to Charming and no longer appears. KO similarly has been altered to Overwhelming and also no longer appears. Charismatic has never been a valid prefix and it remains uncertain which prefix should be applied to the corresponding monster.

There is a secondary concern that because these monsters have invalid prefixes it may be that the Monster Collection system is not able to match their IDs on kill to properly apply collection credit to the player. This is difficult to confirm due 2 layers of randomization in the process (1. Randomly spawning the "correct" prefix and 2. Actually being given the collection), but it is worth noting.

The following are screenshots of these monster's entries in the Monster Collection, displaying currently-invalid text.

Steps to reproduce:
Text Error: Easily visible from the Monster Collection menu.
Functionality Error: Difficult to reproduce. The only way a player can know if they've killed the correct monster is when the success text pops up on screen while hunting. This is highly random already, especially for high level monsters, but Elite monster prefixes are also very random, with some being more common than others. Testing is highly difficult on the individual regular player basis.

Character name:

Character level:

Character job:

World name:

Date and time of the incident:
August 7, 2017, 3:21AM EST


  • MikevsZodaMikevsZoda
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    edited August 2017
    As of the v 188 update on 8/30/2017, progress has been made on correcting these text errors. The former KO Chief Qualm Guardian and KO Steel Xenoroid EX now have valid "Overwhelming" prefixes and should be collectable as normal, RNG willing.

    However, overall progress is now even further back than before, if only by one entry. Several of the previous monsters listed still have incorrect prefixes.

    The Ripe Wolfruit still has a "Charismatic" prefix. This is not a valid GMS Elite Monster prefix. It should probably be a "Charming Ripe Wolfruit".

    The Seductive Alloy Xenoroid DX had the invalid "Seductive" prefix changed to..."Charismatic". Now it's still wrong, but with the same problem as the Ripe Wolfruit.

    Same for the Violent Primitive Boar. Prefix changed from Seductive to Charismatic.

    And of course the Seductive Chief Oblivion Guardian. Same "fix".

    All of these need to be changed to "Charming", or at least any other ACTUAL Elite Monster prefix that spawns in the GMS version of Maplestory.

    But that's not all. In the process of correcting the KO prefixed Elites to Overwhelming...all Elite Monsters in the Monster Collection that were Overwhelming have inexplicably been relabeled to "Unstoppable". Just like with Charismatic, this is not a valid prefix and does not appear in the GMS version of Maplestory. This is just weird because these 3 monsters already had the correct prefix...I even collected one of them myself. I don't think they were even reported? I just don't get it.

    Overwhelming Dark Demon Axemaster from the Victoria Island tab was changed to this non-existent prefix.

    Overwhelming Robo in the Ludus Lake tab was changed to Unstoppable. As you can see in this picture, I already collected this one before the change, so it was working fine before. Now it probably can't be collected.

    And Overwhelming Red Dancing Shoes in the Arcane River tab was changed as well.

    As long as I'm here obsessing over minute details, the Magic Resistant Commanding Possibly-Evil Seal still isn't completely right despite yet another minor correction. The original problem was it being named "Magic Resist Commander Possibly-Evil Seal", instead of "Commanding". Then it was half-corrected to "Magic-resistant Commanding Possibly-Evil Seal", with the Magic Resistant part having an improper hyphen that shouldn't be there and a lower-case "r" on resistant, instead of the standard capital format.

    Now the capitalization is corrected, but the hyphen is still in Magic-Resistant, instead of Magic Resistant as it would appear while fighting the actual monster. I'm sure it still works properly for collection as AlexF stated prior to the v188 patch, but this really shouldn't take 3 or 4 times and many MONTHS to get right.

    So ultimately, while 2 proper corrections were made, we now have 7 (or 8, with the Seal) Elite Monsters incorrectly labelled in the Monster Collection instead of 6 (or 7). This is like playing an absurd game of fix-the-text whack-a-mole. I imagine there's a language barrier for the Korean staff writing the English text, thus why there's so many problems with upper and lower case text confusion, punctuation use, and these improperly named mobs have rough synonyms instead of the correct words (Seductive -> Charismatic -> Charming, KO -> Unstoppable -> Overwhelming), but there's only about 25-30 words in the list that Elite Monsters use. It should be simple enough to look at a text dump and copy and paste it over.

    In fact, here:
    Charming Ripe Wolfruit
    Charming Alloy Xenoroid DX
    Charming Violent Primitive Boar
    Charming Chief Oblivion Guardian
    Overwhelming Dark Demon Axemaster
    Overwhelming Robo
    Overwhelming Red Dancing Shoes
    Magic Resistant Commanding Possibly Evil Seal

    If a VFM or whoever will do us the favor of resubmitting this bug report, just tell whoever receives the reports to copy/paste those eight lines into the correct spots. Simple as that. No more confusion. Or if I need to resubmit this bug report altogether as a new thread, so be it. I just want to see if it's possible to get someone's head on straight at this point.