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Attack Speed


  • SorrowSorrow
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    This would make a lot of balanced classes become unbalanced in comparison to hurricane skill classes. This should not be treated as a bug because an attack speed of (0) has been achievable for many years, and making this drastic of a change would cause a lot of backlash from the community. I strongly disagree with this being implemented.

    If anything I think this is just a flamebait thread. Join date: Nov 30, makes a thread on a sensitive topic to get strong responses, doesn't post anywhere else on forums, etc...
  • DoKingDoKing
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    Where in game or on Nexons official notes does it explicitly state that atk speed is capped at 2 for all sources. The values of 2 and 0 were determined experimentally and validated via not so *nexon friendly* methods.

    This appears to be a deviation rather than a bug, as Nexon NA representatives have said in the past that GMS content is not explicitly identical to KMS or other localizations and features in one version do not necessarily need to to carry over to another as long as Nexon has decided so. An example of this was when Orchids badge was released in philosopher books, players assumed the badge carried the same damage reflect ignoring effect as seen in Taiwan Maplestory, it was later mentioned in an official statement that the skill was omitted on purpose. A deviation from original content. Our lack of flames, and 25 star cap is another deviation from original content.

    By good planning or luck, the fact green potions permit players attack faster has allowed for GMS to remain balanced to KMS in terms of overall killing speed. Changing current mechanic renders the content obselete and also makes it so many classes become unable to clear the end game content despite capping (clearing content whilst carrying their own weight in damage to be more correct)

    And also understand that in the past that players were able to go beyond speed 0. This was then patched by Nexon and thus shows Nexon were aware of this speed effect and decided to adjust it appropriately.

    I think this is a deviation rather than a bug and it was a good deviation overall.

    Hurricane classes still benefit from the speed boost when using their non keydown skills. Furthermore, whether or not booster is used, hurricane type skills do not get boosted. This points to being by design rather than a bug from the monster park green potion .

    Atk speed boosts also do not affect summon type attacks and damage ticks. This shows that there are simply more than 1 category of attacks and attack speed boosts apply to only one category of attacks
  • darikdarik
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    If you are removing the only way to hit hardcap attack speed, it completely kills players who are geared for it, including myself and several warriors with 1h weapon + shield. But also all classes who needs Attack Speed inner ability + dSI to hit this. If anything, ask Nexon to actually buff Hurricane-type skills attack speed. You should also check if Hurricane skill can actually be affected by att speed with Extreme Green potion with battle stat just in case there is a slight difference here.

    Also you mentioned Beam Dance... it is far the best skill for bossing unless you are in Lotus, in certain occasions, Xenon main skill is mostly their Snipe as far as i know.

    I am a Hero with +1 attack speed inner ability, but also has 16% crit rate and +8%dmg on monster affected by abnormal status.

    The most people can clear Dojo is Floor 53. Not counting 1 Hayato who had 49.5k STR who has beat floor 54 at 14:59 once and 14:57 the next week with pumpkin buff in this halloween patch. KMS players can prob clear floor 54 easily or even 55 for certain classes.


    Theres alrdy ppl in kms that beat floor 6x

    I think you get confused with TMS, you sure they don't have familiar? Anways I wanna see a KMS Dojo video lol.

    yeah my bad i think it was from taiwan i guess