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Shining Santa Box Change

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edited December 2017 in Suggestions, Feedback, and Requests
I understand Nexon removing the boxes from DIPQ due to the 20 level limit but the drop rate has significantly decreased everywhere. They're still giving useless items like the gingerbread pots. Honestly the only important thing in the boxes are the winter buffs and farming many boxes to get a ton of useless items seem kind of disappointing. They should change it so that boxes drop more often or give things that people who are 200+ can use besides the winter buffs.


  • BooberpuppyBooberpuppy
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    edited December 2017
    They could have at least added some chance for power elixirs in there. :P
    Gingerbread cookies are almost useless and spammy as hell in the inventory after opening 9999+ of these boxes, and I won't even get in to Rudolph's Red Noses. Still rather annoying, at least they lowered the chance of them showing up and made them sellable in the shop.