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Bera Ever Since World Transfer

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I'm curious. how has Bera been ever since the world transfer. how does the market look like? my guess is that because there's an influx of supply, prices of item has dropped drastically but because there's also an increase in currency, things become more expensive but what is the net increase/decrease looks like. is it an overall increase or decrease in item price?


  • TheOutlanderTheOutlander
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    People say there's actually a whole lot more bots now, but I'm from Khroa so maybe I got those rumors from salty people.
  • DaisukeHarutoDaisukeHaruto
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    yeah, I tried grinding a little late last month and kept hitting hunting areas and places with missions filled with three or four randoms like (not real) aljjljaoa32 or 93993iekddi or even 23Nexonsukz26 that one I think wasn't a normal hackbot, since the moves had the shoutout 'Nexon sucks' repeatedly