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Shadow Partner and Manifest Projector bug

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edited October 2016 in Bug Reporting
Since this bug has yet to be fixed and the ticket system takes a while to check into the bug. Still has yet to be fixed in v.177.2.0. As patch notes states:
Shadow Partner Max Damage Skills: The damage limits are now the same as the character's. This affects the following skills:
Explorer Thief - Shadow Partner, Mirror Image.
Night Walker - Dark Servant, Shadow Illusion.
Thunder Breaker - Dark Servant, Shadow Illusion.
Demon Slayer - Blue Blood.
Xenon - Manifest Projector.

They are still 70% and not the same damage as the character. In hopes that this gets fixed.


  • LamatoLamato
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    It's not a bug, it just means that your regular damage from an attack will only be 70% of what it's true hit would be but you can now exceed the previous cap damage and hit the same lines as your first few hits if you are strong enough.
  • LovelyDevilLovelyDevil
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    That actually makes a lot more sense. I must have been confused with how it was worded. Thanks. Thread close please.
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