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KMS PIN System


  • DarkPassengerDarkPassenger
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    AKradian wrote: »
    AKradian wrote: »
    SlicedTime wrote: »
    That would be a pretty nice UX change. I don't know wether or not it's more secure, but it looks a lot more convinient that the thing we have now.

    it is more secure because the leaves and letters move each time you re-enter your pin, it's also quite a hassle now to use meso market, login, or cash trade someone, our current pic system just takes forever IMO. (also it's so 2009 don't you think ?)

    It's not more secure because while it's impossible to guess your PIC from one time you enter it, by the time a hypothetical click-recording keylogger "sees" you enter it 20 or 50 times, it'll know your PIC exactly.

    In our current PIC pad, each key can have any letter or digit on it, but on the KMS keyboard, each spot can only have 3 or 4 different letters. Some spots only have 1 possible letter they can be (the ends of each row).

    on our current pic pad, each key has either a letter or a number. ( no keys has letters and numbers on them, plus it's outdated ) the kms one is more secure, and every other region uses, it. also, kms can update it if they think it needs too.

    FYI: our current PIC pad, is JMS's old pic pad, even jms use's the new KMS pin keyboard now.
    and as I said: the letters, numbers, and leaves all move after you re-enter your pin, even the end row.

    plus kms know's how to run a game securely.

    ps. you can enter symbols such as:/,.; with a keyboard, so it is more secure than our current pic system.

    So they move entirely randomly? That picture of letters that happen to be sorted like on a qwerty keyboard is accidental?
    If they're not sorted then ok, that's secure (but irritating to have to look for a letter among all those keys instead of 12 at a time).

    That's a good question.
  • PhantomMasterThiefPhantomMasterThief
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    Can we please have this, i'm sick of using the 2003 style Key-Pad that gms still uses, it's outdated, and not comfortable to use, especially in the meso market, or when trading cash items with direct player to player trading.

    i'm sure this PIC/PIN Keyboard even already exists in the database of gms, so you just gotta flip the switch on, please ?
  • PhantomMasterThiefPhantomMasterThief
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    Can we please get this, the current pic system is tiresome to use.