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Is it possible to transfer my characters to anothe

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There is a possibility to transfer my characters to another world
For example I play with 10 figures in the world "kradia" and I now want to pass them on to another world that has come more people
As "bera" "scania" there is such a possibility

Thanks for the helpers


  • SanjaySanjay
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    There were world transfer events that were held in the past which you could do what you mentioned (transfer characters from one world to another, given with a few restrictions) However the last one we had was in September of 2017, and with that one the population of certain worlds became very skewed.

    So at this point we are just waiting on Nexon to address these concerns, and see what will come next as a result.
  • shohambhhshohambhh
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    Okay thank you
    I just went back to play but nothing to do has been boring in my world there are not many people and I can not do Party Quest and all of my skyscrapers are pretty high levels I do not want to start from scratch all just in another world.
    but thanks