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Server Bera impossible to play (intense lag).

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Good Morning. In us, players, especially of the most populous worlds, like Bera, for example, we have suffered too much with the server. When few people are online, the difference is glaring. However, on days like today, it is practically impossible to play with intense LAG. I have no intention of representing the players, nor even those from my country, which, incidentally, are more than 3,500 people linked to the community I participate. I should therefore like to ask Nexon NA to take note of this problem which has been harming everyone for more than three months. Second, I would like to request, if possible, a comnaction with the GM's acting within the game so that they will collect the feedback regarding the quality of the server. My intention as a fan of the game and of Nexon is to make it better and better and give some satisfaction to the community to which I am connected. Thank you in advance for your attention and any intention to solve this problem.

This is not the first time I have taken the initiative to contact Nexon NA to resolve this problem. This has been going on for more than three months, all the maintenance that is done brings only frustrations because the problem with the Server persists. As I mentioned before, I am not a representative, much less an administrator of the community that I am a part of, but, on behalf of all, not only of the group that I am part, I come to manifest and bring to light something that has been raging to all. Sorry for all if you seem exaggerated on my part, I just can not stand to play that way anymore.


  • pandabunniespandabunnies
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    Peak hours + populated server = lag. It is annoying. I avoid playing during those times due to this.
  • FixTheLagBeraFixTheLagBera
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    People been asking for someone to do something about the Bera lag for literal months now and nothing. Best thing you can do now is just wait and hope for the playerbase to die down
  • rafahssrafahss
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    is a complicated situation, considering that the server is extremely bad for some time
  • PepexuPepexu
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    More channels maybe?
  • creusocreuso
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    Nexon won’t solve the problem unless it heavily affects the paying members (which is already happening). How many maintenances they did to -fix and make the servers stable-? A lot.
    Nexon lost the will to fix the game and it’s only practicing bread and circuses on us. Instead of really making the game playable again, they have turned a blind eye for lag, botters, the insane inflation... and what’s the solution for ‘em? Marvel Machine, events with good rewards and letting the server sink while a couple of hundred players spend loads of money to keep their MVPs.