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lmao literally no one responds on this

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real useful... smh


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    I'm not particularly sure what "this" you're referring to. You've made a grand total of 4 posts (2 threads, 2 comments), all on the same day (today). This (current) thread has no link to any other thread and just seems to be made at-random with no regard towards context.

    Running through your post history:
    1. "Maplestory Resolution Out of Range": This sounds like an issue with your monitor/display. You provide absolutely no information with which I might be able to help you, so the best advice I can give you is to first try the solution posted here, and if that doesn't work try opening the game in Windowed mode instead (press Alt+Enter within the game).
    2. "Nexon Launcher unresponsive. Kill process?": I cannot answer this specifically, the user specifically refused to provide any diagnostic data that might be helpful, and as a crescendo the thread itself is about 4 months old, which you necro'd.
    3. "Black Screen when I launched the game": Again, a 2-week-old thread you bumped, potentially solved through the solution mentioned in #1

    Please don't spam topics on the forums. Please also don't necro dead threads. The reason I, personally speaking, didn't respond to your thread immediately is because it was posted at 12:36AM (close to midnight) in my timezone, I was asleep, and had work in the morning. We are just volunteers (normal players) and have lives outside the game, much to my disappointment.
    If you continue having issues despite the solutions, you can reply politely and I can see if there are any more solutions, but that is all I have at this time.