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Reboot community

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I have some ideas that can help both sides of the player base in Reboot.
1. Have the party quest give meso instead of experience the more people in the party the more meso because no one is using those aspects of the game any more think of it as a revamp of old content.
2. Let's have a weekly special shop for spell traces that come on Friday were spell traces can be turned into special items or sell twice as much than others shops and throughout the week, someday monsters can drop more than one spell traces at a time.
3. As far as training when other players party up with each other they have this buff depending on how many members in the party like if their two players in the party they will get attack buff if the party is 3 players they will have increased in monster spawn in a party of 4 they will have a gift along they stay in the party at least 30mins in party of 5 they can increase in drop rate and a party of 6 they have increased in meso this just ideal that would like to see in the game to bring back a sense community back to the game because over the years more and more players rather do train by them self rather enjoy the game how it should be done. Don't get me wrong I like all the content that Maplestory has to offer but there are some roadblocks from enjoying them like the time that players can put in the game so they can fully enjoy the because of Maplestory unique style that why I love to see it do better way to help players to connect with each other.


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    PQs have been dead for ages and it'd be really neat to have them be useful again.

    The problem with them giving XP is back in the day, level ups were much harder to get, even at low lvs like under 30. Now with a Kanna and Bish mule, you can get 1-100 in a few hours, so doing PQs that give like 50% is kinda worthless.

    Ways PQs could be good again:
    - Make PQs give many levels, similar to Eluna Express where you could get like 5-12 levels at once for a 30 minute run.

    - Make them not for characters under 30. 1-30 is extremely quick so it's kind of a waste of a PQ to make it only for 1-30 characters. Imo, they should have a minimum requirement level, then their xp scales with level, making them good for powerleveling up to the next PQ is unlockable.

    - Make them give Meso instead of XP like you suggest. They'd have to give 10s of mils to be worth it on reboot. A lot of players farm at around 200m an hour. Most PQs are around 10 minutes, so to make these comparable, you'd need to make around 35m a run from higher leveled ones, and that's to just make them equal to the average meso farmer's rates.

    So, Either make them give much larger amounts of XP such that a party of 3 could get to lv 150 or so at around the same rates as a Burning character with Kishin mule, or make them give mesos similar to rates of farming meso if not higher, as they are limited in runs per day.