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Black Friday items not tradable

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edited November 2018 in Bug Reporting
I obtained rings from the Black Friday box on Sunday, just went to try and put them in the auction house noticed the item cannot be listed, some how I obtained untrable Cash Shop items from the Black Friday box, looks like 2 rings I got were untrable upon gained.

And no, I never tried or equipped these items.

Deluxe Rainbow Label Ring and G Clef Word Bubble Ring Angel Word Bubble Ring are untrable from the Black Friday box.

Screen shot:
Not tradable


The untrable ring is still in the the auction house but it says nothing about giving charm now.


  • MedicMedic
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    I have the same problem with rings. Cannot place into AH to sell. Never been used. I put in tickets about this, because at first NEXON did not believe me and tried to brush it off. Until I proved to them with the pic in AH that if it had been used it would have a black background not a white one. Pretty bad to get cash shop items from boxes and fine the items are broken. This really needs to be fixed
  • OkhuraOkhura
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    Thanks, it's been forwarded.