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[Very Immature Questions] Really Weird Questions

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I got some weird questions about how classes in Maplestory operate in everyday life. These classes I am talking about have either tails or wings, or even.


Before we get into Beast Tamer, can someone tell me what exactly she is wearing under her dress? It looks like a diaper. O_O

I am wondering how she puts on her diaper whatever with a tail in the way? Does Chase's tail exit up and out from her waistline or out of a third hole? Honestly, how can a thick tail exit such a small hole? If the hole was cut to fit the thickest cross section of her tail, the opening would be bigger than her butt and would defeat the purpose of wearing undergarments. Another possibility is the tail is already above the waistline and it simply flows down or she wears her whatever low like it is some hip fashion.

Beaster Tamer also has huuuuge ass ears. If Beast Tamer was listening to music, what kind of headphones/earpods would she use? The earpod idea sounds dumb since they would fall into her ear and get lost (good luck if they were bluetooth and wireless.)

That is all for the first victim. Next we would wonder how Novas deal with simple tasks.


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    Somewhat related to the thread theme but a little off.
    I can't help but sigh every time fire is either the problem/solution in a questline and they ask for help from a Fire/Poison Mage or Blaze Wizard.
    Sure. Let me solve the problem of everything being on fire, by throwing MORE FIRE at it. This is not what the saying "fight fire with fire" means!
    Then there are some other cases where they need to start a fire and have you collect a bunch of materials instead of just asking you to cast any of your numerous fire skills.
    It's no wonder they always portray your character as kind of dumb in the story line. They can't even remember the entire point of their class!
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    New classes to bully!

    The Novas have tails and wings, but their tails are looong and thick. How would someone like Magnus sit down on a chair? Also if he were sit down on a chair, where does he route the tail? If Magnus were to use the bathroom (let's use an ordinary stall for this weird example) and he were to take a poo, which direction would he sit? He might have to sit backwards facing the tank and have his tail come out from under the door. Imagine going to a public restroom in Pantheon or Heliseum and you see tails coming from under the stalls while you wash your hands? While we are still on the topic on tails, how do the Novas deal with pants and bottomwear where their tails are hard and scaly and not bushy like Beast Tamers?

    BTW, has anyone figured out how Chase's tail and ear situation works and tell me if she graduated potty training since it still looks like she has a FULL cloth diaper.

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    Why are you so fixated on her underwear?
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    Daxterbeer wrote: »
    New classes to bully!

    The Novas have tails and wings, but their tails are looong and thick. How would someone like Magnus sit down on a chair?

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    It's a stylized bloomer dress; a somewhat baggy, fluffy garment fastened just above the knee.