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Bleeding player base


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    His comment adds nothing fresh to the topic.
  • TrystarrTrystarr
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    SecondHero wrote: »
    This. I fully agree.

    We should have 3 North American worlds. Bera, Scania, and Reboot. That will contain the entire population.

    Let people that aren't on Bera or Scania move to one of those. It sucks to have a really cool 200+ character with a stepford-wives community
    Aggraphine wrote: »
    A month old thread is considere necro bump?? Geez People need to chill a little...

    Generally if no one has said anything in a month, it's considered settled or otherwise a non-issue. The concept of necroing a dead thread is overlooked if the most recent post adds something of substance to the thread. This thread had zero replies until whatshisname came in to say very little beyond "yeah I agree", which doesn't really pass muster for being a substantial contribution to a month-old thread that got zero attention in the 46 days since its creation.

    There is rarely, if ever, a reason to go four or five pages back in any given section of any forum(not just this one) to dredge up a long-abandoned thread with no contribution beyond agreement with whatever the OP of that thread had originally stated.
    His comment adds nothing fresh to the topic.

    What are you two even talking about? He didn't just say he agreed, he proposed what he thought would be an effective solution (i.e. 3 NA servers, letting people in 4/6 servers choose to move to the two most popular ones). despite all the suggestions i've heard this one honestly is an alternative to popular suggestions such as forced mass merges, server transfer events, paying for a server transfer.. so it is a new contribution, or atleast one we haven't heard many times in ANY of these server population threads. It's disgusting you guys are dismissing this opinion and chalking it up to a necropost, its like you read 4 words out of his 3 line post.. I've bolded the important parts for you guys to connect dots.

    His comments did add something to this thread passenger, try reading passed the first 4 words. Considering how adamantly against addressing the server population problem (in favour of server stability?) you have been in previous threads on this topic I can't help but suspect your bias is deliberately trying to undermine this thread by saying it is a necropost adding nothing. it is NOT a necropost if the issue is still relevant, and the comment contributes something new to the thread/topic.
    Additionally, 1 month on this forum is not a long time. relatively minor activity on maple forums.

    On a more important note- I definitely agree with secondhero. allowing transfers to only two of the most popular servers is a great idea as the most populated servers have been blocked in previous events leading to 4 dead servers every time (windia used to be the new bera just 16 months ago!) We could couple this idea with a merge of all the dead servers together, after a period of time where people can xfer to bera and scania, leaving the massively dead khroa, windia, and those 2 other alliances able to be merged together to form a low population server for people who prefer that.
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    Anyone still play Windia ? just redownloaded the game looking for friends