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How Maplestory should be fixed to be fun but fair

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*gets on the Maple Syrup Box*

Reboot is horrible.

There, I said it.

I enjoyed it for a while but then agreed with so many of the problems people complain about - Rebooters are always poor and can't make their equipment as powerful as the stuff you get in other servers, which can scroll their items to increase their stats, and every enemy you fight in Reboot has twice as much health so you end up dragging the battle out for so long. Here, I want to not air grievances but I want to add some ideas for making all of the MapleStory servers fun to play in.

First, I will get my MapleStory ideas out of the way:

(1) Make it so you can delete cash items you don't want anymore. After getting the "Golden Piggy Power" beanie from the Lunar New Year event and also opening a few Surprise Boxes for perm items, I realized that I hated the look of these things so I wanted to destroy them. However, the incinerator in Henesys won't let you destroy these cash items and the Avatar NPCs in the Free Market only trade in certain items from certain loot boxes. Therefore I have a Dual Blade in Reboot stuck with the Mihile Weapon cover(which I hate, I wanted Oz) and I have a Paladin in Zenith who is stuck with the stupid Golden Piggy Power Beanie. I am tempted to delete my mains so I can recreate them and avoid the Surprise Boxes as I know they'll give me trash that last longer than a radioactive cockroach. X(

(2) Make perm items that you can never get rid of. Before you call me a hypocrite for contradicting myself, let me explain.
* At Level 50, instead of a 3-day Hyper Teleport Rock from Tot's, give them a Teleport Gem cash item. It would only teleport players to Henesys, Rein, Orbis, El Nath, Ariant, Magiata, Leafre, and Ludibrium. In order to upgrade their Teleport Gem, they would have to do daily attendance quests similar to Fairy Bros where they would have to hunt monsters in their level range to receive a Teleport tag to upgrade their rock. The Tags would require more work to get upgraded to max level, which would give them a permanent Hyper Teleport Rock. While this would make regular Hyper Teleport Rocks obsolete, getting this item upgraded to max level would take a very long time. As Whiyu says, if you aren't going to pay Nexon real cash, you have to spend time in the game to get the same results, so it is only fair and would make a goal for new players to play more often.

* Once a character completes their second job advancement at Level 30, they can get a light bulb quest and the Maple Mod will give players two special boxes which contain a Maple Weapon and Maple Overall outfit. They are pretty much subpar stats. However, by completing quests, they can awaken these items to become as powerful as Fafnir equipment. It would be a low-level equivalent to the Genesis Weapon quest but give decent gear for a player to get them through Vanishing Journey or at least get them strong enough to fight bosses to farm for their equipment.

* Finally, give new players a special snail pet which would be undroppable and never dry up and cannot learn any skills except the basics. In order to improve the pet to get new skills for it, you would actually have to talk to it and tell it to poo or smile to make it happy towards you. This would make the stupid talking to your pet to increase its happiness useful and wouldn't make this newbie pet too overpowered. You want it to ignore junk drops? You'd better make it poo a lot. XD

(3) Ideas they should steal from Wizard101:
* Instead of having Fusion Anvils, have a tailor NPC in the major towns offer to stitch your equipment to fuse the appearance of one item with the stats of another. It would require a fusion coupon from the cash shop(which would cost 2000 NX) but you could fuse anything. Yes, you could even fuse a transparent hat from the cash shop to your Fafnir Hat to go hatless! The drawback would be that if you want to unfuse them, you would need a defusion coupon from the cash shop(costs 4000 NX) and it would destroy the item which was the appearance item so you'd lose it. This way you would not need to worry about people fusing to one item and they'd have to buy another item to fuse with your new equipment.
* Include a second-chance chest where players could spend increasing amounts of NX after beating a boss to get five items from the boss pool. It would be random and you might end up getting crappy gear after dropping 10,000 NX into the chest but it would allow players to get a chance at a Pink Holy Cup from Pink Bean. You could restrict what was given out - no soul shards for instance - but it would make grinding bosses so less time-consuming.

Now onto the Reboot ideas:

(1) Make the Reboot buff give 20x meso drop.
(2) Cut Star Forcing by half for Reboot players.
(3) Make flames give a lot more bonus stats to Reboot equipment. Also, when you say a Rebirth Flame Lv. 110 works on Level 110 or lower equipment, it should be ALL equipment, not just ordinary stuff. Since flames are the only way to improve a Rebooter's equipment since Spell Traces and Scrolls do not work on Reboot equipment, we need a way to make these items stronger besides just Star Forcing.
(4) I know Reboot monsters need to be tougher, but nerf the HP buff a bit.

Anyone want to post their thoughts to improving Maplestory?


  • PetalmagicPetalmagic
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    to 1. There is an NPC in Henesys you can toss CS items into, or right click on them in the Cash shop inventory there shoudl be a "delete" key.
    2. Perm tele rocks and such are rare commodities from past events, and I believe its POSSIBLE to get in Marvel? Correct if wrong, I don't roll Marvel Machine.
    3. Ill stick with fusion anvils. Sorry, I just don't like the idea of fusing a cash item onto a non-cash (Your example was a transparent hat, which woudl cover your Fafnir hat by default if equipped).

    Reboot 1. No, I like mesos, but that rate seems broken as hell.
    2. Also broken. Making Reboot overpowered would hurt anyone who wanted to play a normal server and would likely cause a lot of anger from the Regular server community.
    3. No. Flames feel fine to me as they are.
    4. No, the HP to exp is meant to be a part of why the mobs GIVE more exp. (In the olden days, not sure if the equation still holds true, but Mob HP and EXP scaled pretty closely. LHC mobs had very high HP, so people would train there before nerfs, same with SDH, HoH, and other old Party Play maps.)
    TLDR: You want to make Reboot too powerful, and that's coming from a Reboot player. While there is a power gap between Reboot and Normal servers, this just makes it look silly to play a normal server if you have 1/2 off Star forcing (usually a Sunny Sunday perk) and 20x Meso drop? The only thing Rebooters really suffer from is damage penalties compared to regular servers (EX: Morass at 230 is a nightmare even with good range.) Which ultimately gets fixed by...well leveling up both AF and your character.
  • AstersAsters
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    **there're used to be a perm * option for all equips sold in c.s. we need that back. having them coming from marvel is just a draw back not update!
    **star-force cost is way to expensive i don't play in reboot but it's so frustrating.
    **i wish flame bonus would get a revamp but for now. we need main pots ( the very random and difficult in rank upgrading -star force to be fixed first.
  • ACMBlackCipherACMBlackCipher
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    Petalmagic covered a lot of the issues with your ideas. Reboot is like the single-player campaign version of Maplestory in that you trade the pay-to-win aspect for a time sink. Your progression is essentially gated by the amount of time you spend in the game instead of the money you have in your wallet.
  • AggraphineAggraphine
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    To preface, if the incinerator in henesys market won't eat a cash item, you can go into the cash shop, move it to your cash storage, right click it and delete it from there. You'll have to enter your PIN, since it's cash items you're dealing with. Moving on...

    Sorry but all of your "reboot ideas" are literally just "make everything easier for me". I can't support any of those.

    The rest of your ideas are, honestly, about as airtight as your reboot ones. You're basically saying to give people a permanent maple teleport rock that an arguably minuscule amount of grinding can upgrade to a no-restriction hyper teleport rock. Given that there are a lot of people who could easily clear the legendary hunter medal's requirements(100k monsters killed in the span of about a month) on a daily basis, I can't support this either. It would basically hand out permanent hyper rocks to everyone who can drop kishin/frenzy/buy service and grind in a single map for several hours.

    And your pet one, the only thing talking to your pet, making it pinch a loaf and the like, does is raises the closeness of it. Which you can also do with both the standard pet food found in npc shops or the special foods found in the cash shop. Again, not something I can support. You're asking for a permanent pet, with all skills, just for raising its closeness.

    The overarching issue with these suggestions is that if you make the requirements too strict, no one will bother with it because other ways are faster or easier. If you make the requirements too lax, then everyone and their 45 mules will have a permanent hyper rock and pet with all skills.
  • FuhreakFuhreak
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    The entire point of the Reboot server is that it's harder and you have to earn everything by yourself.
    It was advertised as such when it first came out.
    We've already got a huge debate in the form of the rankings both tab topic on how reboot is broken. If anything I'd argue that reboot isn't hard enough. (Though I think MS is too easy as a whole)
    Many people picked up reboot because it was supposed to be harder than regular servers. If you remove that then what is Reboot's purpose?
    If you don't like reboot, don't play on it. I understand wanting it to be better/more fun, but when the problem you have with it is the core concept, it's not for you.