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[Reboot+] Gollux Shop Rework

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I believe it would be in the best interest of the game if the Gollux Coin Shop was changed in a way that would allow players to re-obtain gear. Many make the honest mistake of forgetting to safeguard an item from time to time and that one time may result in destruction of items that are essential for endgame progression. This leaves many who are attempting to get as far as they can quitting as they would have to restart their characters if they wanted to re-obtain the gear from the shop. This means losing all of the progression they may have worked hard for on their character.

I believe the shop should be capable of restocking every now and then (possibly once a month) in order to allow players who are willing to put the effort in to keep playing if they were unfortunate enough to accidentally get rid of or destroy their Gollux Coin Shop gear. This is an overly excessive punishment for longtime players who wish to push and become as strong as they can for the sake of taking on content in the game or helping others, etc.

I don't believe other worlds face this problem as they have a Free Market and are also capable of doing the prequest on another character and trade it within shared storage to their main character. Please correct me if this claim is incorrect as I lack experience or playtime in other worlds.

Please tell me what you all think.

Please feel free to offer ideas about how you all feel a fair implementation of this gear should follow. I feel that the staff will be more inclined to take or consider our suggestions if we avoid complaining about how they have never done anything about this issue in the past and rather offer our ideas on how and especially why we feel it should be something you can reobtain in the game. I personally feel that the shop should be restocked once a month (once every three months, or however long just as long as it gets restocked in a reasonable amount of time). I feel that players should be rewarded if they wish to work hard to strive towards the goal of becoming stronger. This system outright shuts you off from serious or meaningful endgame progression if you lose the gear.


  • MiraMira
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    This argument has been brought up ad nauseum, and resurfaces every couple of months. All we have heard from Nexon is they're 'looking into it' which basically means they'll do anything from nothing to something between now and the end of time. -shrug-

    99% of players agree that it would be beneficial to have the Gollux shop restock, not sure why Nexon has done nothing in the YEARS this feedback has been made known.
  • PetalmagicPetalmagic
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    My other suggestion was if they ever reworked CWKPQ to put in Gollux Rings/Earrings, but yeah. Gib Restock plz Q_Q
  • IvangoldIvangold
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    Petalmagic wrote: »
    My other suggestion was if they ever reworked CWKPQ to put in Gollux Rings/Earrings, but yeah. Gib Restock plz Q_Q

    They should just make it drop, in the bonus stage, some uptated things, nodestones, flames, cubes and maybe even some equipment.
  • InvulgoInvulgo
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    Every christmas season would be great.
  • ShadowJoshXDShadowJoshXD
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    True on that.. Plus I think we should Rework the prequest. Like be able to Skip the Prequest or Buff the Spawnrate and or the Drop rate for the Quest Drops, Cause it is annoying to do it on other Characters.