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Links Unlinking from my main after I log link

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For a few months whenever I log onto a character that gives a link, the link will disappear from the character who was using that link. You are no longer able to unlink the skill bc you cant see it but you also cant link it again bc it says you are using it, but when you go on the original character that gives the link to see what character is using it, it will say "this character does not exist"
This does not happen 100% of the time but for example I logged on my ds, da and lumi yesterday to get meso and my main character lost all 3 of those links. To fix this I had no choice but to put all 3 of those links on my wild hunter and wait until after reset to put the 3 links back on my nl. This glitch is very annoying since it can happen after reset when I have to run bosses.
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Any character with a link skill


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    I have also had a similar issue, specifically with the kanna link skill. I had my kanna's link attached to my AB. I went on my kanna frequently and sometimes when I relogged after spending all day on kanna to boss on AB I would check my links and elementalism wasn't there. It would say when I hovered over it "In progress SailorAlly" (the name of my AB), but was not equipped on the AB. Then later it would randomly re-equip. This has been an issue for the last month or so. I didn't notice at first the kanna's link was missing, so I'd see 11/12 and equip another link. Then I'd look again later after many relogs and it would say 13/12. If I unequipped a link then elementalism would reappear. So I figured oh it's fine now, but it kept happening again and again.
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    Reading the description by CaseyCasey I think it's not just kanna's link but rather the fact that I frequently play the kanna and don't play the other links.