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Feedback regarding Limited-Time Event NPCs

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So the "LINE FRIENDS FOREVER" event supposedly ends today at 11:59PM, but both Cony (event quest giver) and Brown (Event Coin Shop NPC) were removed even when it's not 11:59 PM PDT.

Were they removed earlier in the morning, or are all events going by the in-game time (currently past 1AM as of typing this) and not Pacific Time anymore? If so, the times listed in the in-game Event List are misleading :/

I feel cheated out of getting my last Perfect Potential Stamp because I had 20 LINE FRIENDS coins left and was planning on grinding out more coins on other characters to get more Perfect Pot Stamps, but hey, at least I got an Epic Pot Scroll 100% before it was too late (bought it around 12:30AM this morning).

I recall past Event NPCs that also had a coin shop not being removed until 12:00AM, the next day. Example: The LINE FRIENDS NPCs and quests would have been removed May 22, 12:00AM.

There's also this: LINE FRIENDS Coin Shop UTC: April 24 (after maintenance) – May 21 at 11:59 PM maplestory.nexon.net/news/43521/updated-may-16-v-204-line-friends-x-maplestory-patch-notes#cash