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Can we receive Pathfinder's level 200 medal?

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I'm referring to Pathfinder's exclusive 'master of ancient power' medal. I'm not talking about the explorer level 200 Lord Sniper medal you can get from Dalair (level 180 'Title Challenge - Ultimate Archer' that completes when you hit 200).

At previous job advancements, Pathfinder gets a small cutscene each time, resulting in her getting the advancement notice in guild (though that says to Beginner, but anyway) as well as the respective medals in her equip inventory. I noticed after reaching level 200 no new cutscene quest for her appeared in any of the quest notifiers. So far I've tried:
- Checking Partem, no NPCs have any quests
- Also checking Partem: Soul Chamber where the Soul NPC is, but it also has nothing (just says '...' when I click)
- Completing 5th job advancement up to receiving the Vanishing Journey Arcane Symbol
- Looking in the 'Available' tab of my quest log and expanding it to 'See All Levels', but there is no Pathfinder section there the way there is in the 'Completed' tab
- Checking Dalair's list of available medal quests, but none seem to be what I'm looking for

I can only think of three things I may have missed, which are
1. Explorer questline for the Emblem (I've yet to finish the level 100 one)
2. Temple of Time story revolving around Amnesiac Temple Keeper/Kao
3. Dalair possibly giving you the Pathfinder-exclusive medal instead of Lord Sniper if you turn the quest in. I would rather not do that yet as I'd like to complete my medal row with the Pathfinder medals all together. The other two above options I'll try when I log on again tomorrow.

Did anyone receive this medal somehow?


  • pommepouffepommepouffe
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    edited July 2019
    Update: I've completed the Explorer questline, Temple of Time, Kao, Pink Bean (which had its own little Pathfinder-specific text thanks to Kirston), plus all three Explorer mount quests. No new quests from the lightbulb have appeared. Still nothing from Athena, Soul, or any of the Partem NPCs. I've also tried visiting the 3rd job and 4th job normal explorer advancement NPCs, and revisiting the Memory Keeper, but they of course don't have anything either.

    Edit: Also, Dalair gives the regular Lord Sniper at level 200, not the Pathfinder-specific medal.