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it's almost 2017?!

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So it's almost the end of October and in 2 months it'll be 2017! that's crazy how has your year been so far? anything else left that you're looking forward to or want to accomplish? :'D

I'm looking forward to Holiday food and events in games I play and new anime, my years been alright!
  1. So how has 2016 treated you?5 votes
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    2. could be better
       60% (3 votes)
    3. It was alright
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  • LilyflowerLilyflower
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    2016 is the worst year ever for me that is :/ anyway looking for new years event in gms i hope they put good stuff for us in 2017.
  • NiightseekerNiightseeker
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    edited October 2016
    The year was a roller coaster for me. Started out as absolute rubbish, and progressively got slowly better until now that it's the end of the year I'm left really hopeful for early 2017.
  • UzumeUzume
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    edited October 2016
    Year was terrible, long story short people die.

    I'm really behind on my story I'm writing, but I'm hoping to finish it before 2016 ends. Though if not, then I'll just have to work harder in 2017.

    Hoping to go to California next year too, which is exciting 'cause I'll finally be with my boyfriend. I hope I have enough money for it, though.
  • MaryseMaryse
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    edited October 2016
    Apart from graduating college, 2016 was meh.
  • KamiNoBeniMizuKamiNoBeniMizu
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    edited October 2016
    Pretty normal. Making peepeule dzcover new stoof and stoof. Yah.