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Legion Coins Bugged

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in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Item

Brief bug summary: When I went into the legion raid to claim my coins from it, all of my stored coins disappeared. I also did not gain the coins from the raid itself.

More details: I went to the raid from Momjigaoka. Also, I have coins on my other characters, just not on my Kanna.

Steps to reproduce: Go to legion raid and exit, check if you have coins.

Character name: GhostlyGrif

Character level: 151

Character job: Kanna

World name: Reboot (NA)

Date and time of the incident: July 5th 2019 at ~ 9:40 PM CST


  • SoloPartySoloParty
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    edited July 2019
    By "stored coins" are you referring to coins that you put into item storage? The coin system has been updated so that coins no longer exist in your etc tab as an item you can check your coins via the "manage legion" button or by trying to buy from the legion shop. All characters on your account should be able to buy stuff and total coins should be shared.

    If you can see coins on other characters and none Kanna while using "manage legion" then I got no clue, sorry :D
  • OkhuraOkhura
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    edited July 2019
    Can you post a screenshot of your legion board and the legion shop on your Kanna please?