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Change the party quests

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Basically make party quest lvl scaled and make adjustments to the rewards:
old reward like kenta glasses etc etc . change that to a cash shopt item reward (you will still need to gather pieces), and for slime pq a slime hat? :p
Add cubes and decent flames as a reward (not chance based)! or at least the needed materials for it.
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  • PetalmagicPetalmagic
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    Cubes would probably be restricted to no higher in level than MCC or Meister (No actual CS cubes).
    Flames would be a nice reward, but I also think things such as Nodestones if a High-Level PQ came out, or an improvement on the PQ Shop to be able to buy items like Nodes or Arcane Symbol selectors.

    Overall though, PQs need an overhaul on both item and EXP rewards. Scaling exp doesn't seem to go well past 200 as far as when I look at Monster Park (exp is supposed to scale there) and certain events/Blockbusters. Make them viable for leveling again so that people who wanna PQ can actually do it for more than nostalgia or rewards that...are nostalgic. The limit on PQs is eh...and could be either increased or removed entirely.

    On another note, look at the PQ that people do. Hungry Muto. This is one of the only party quests that I ever hear about except for the occasional Commerci PQ. These two PQs both offer rewards that are geared towards high leveled players (Chu Chu Symbols and Denaros for SW Accessories alongside SW gear). I say a few more high level PQs would be a nice thing, alongside helping with the low level PQs for newer players.
  • Buccaneer101Buccaneer101
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    Yea the revamped party quest shop could have been the savior but they added skins/chairs instead of helpful things.
    It should be similar to legion, a few MCCS, chaos blades, 3 nodestones etc..weekly so that people will do them.
    I can't get the blue party quest damage skin because not a soul will do the pqs.