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Any Thoughts on Ancient Ruins PQ?

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Bugs aside, I felt it was pretty...simple. Might even be insultingly so. But it works.
I don't know, I just don't have it in me to say any more.

Neat thing is that it's considered Crossworld, so lots of potential players meeting up. Also, the coin points don't count towards your daily cap.


  • WhorificWhorific
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    I like it but doing it 5 times a day, everyday, to get some of the chairs and mounts in the Crossworld point shop is going to get boring and tedious very fast. It's already pretty bad with the frequent disconnections wasting entries. I really wish there was more incentive to do party quests. Even with it being crossworld, finding a party might be difficult a few days from now.

    It is simple but so are most of the PQs. I think a bigger problem is that it doesn't really need to be a PQ. You could easily solo it if it were possible to enter by yourself, aside from the boss, maybe. There's nothing that really requires more than one person to complete.