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Old areas should get Revamps

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edited September 2019 in General Chat
As I was leveling a Paladin with a friend we got into talking about how varied the landscapes in MapleStory are, how much of a sense of adventure you got in the early days when teleports were limited and the game made you walk around. Now most of the game areas are empty, devoid of content and honestly losing most of their potential.

When was the last time you explored Aqua Road, Orbis, El Nath, Nihal Desert with any sense of adventure and desire to explore these areas deeply? With the advent of Maple Guide and Boss Queues you never enter some areas anymore unless you are a newbie who doesn't know the meta. Given the age of the game and the amount of times it has probably changed hands from dev to dev, from creative teams and artists perhaps the original ideas of the oldest areas in the game has been lost, but some new purpose could be given to them instead of making a new area every time you want to add something.

...or who knows, perhaps the game code is such an spaghetti mess that taking or modifying anything would cause such a catastrophe to rival the Black Mage and that'sthe reason why we have stuff like this:

  1. Which of these areas would you like to see revamped, expanded or given new content?5 votes
    1. Aqua Road
       0% (0 votes)
    2. Inner Ludibrium/Clocktower
       40% (2 votes)
    3. Azwan
       40% (2 votes)
    4. El Nath/Death Mine area
       0% (0 votes)
    5. Leafree
       0% (0 votes)
    6. Nihal Desert
       0% (0 votes)
    7. Orbis/Orbis Tower/Orbis Garden
       0% (0 votes)
    8. In my opinion (post)...
       20% (1 vote)


  • FuhreakFuhreak
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    edited September 2019
    Honestly I visit most of these locations when doing new characters.
    When you have 40+ characters you need to create, you tend to get bored of the same old same old.
    The only area that I CANNOT visit however, is Azwan. This area needs to be revamped.
    One of the top black mage commanders, one of the hardest bosses in the game, Hilla. Where's the story explaining her lore?
    You can find bits and pieces of it in other areas/stories sure, but she needs a quest line dedicated to her.
  • KuronekonovaKuronekonova
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    edited September 2019
    honestly, these areas dont really need a revamp. they are just there for people who cant train in certain locations, aka "alterantives". nothing wrong with these mentioned areas, they are completely fine and dont need a revamp.

    we dont need a 19 hour unshecluded maintenance /s