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Un-be-lieve-able how Nexon cut off xfers to Bera with no warning. A few friends of mine from a different time zone xfered last night when it was around Midnight where i am at last moment, back when xfers to Bera were available. One of them TRIED to notify me about this, but i was asleep. The next day, When i got home from school, i realised that they had xfered and rushed to get online and xfer before the event ended. So, i get online, collect stuff from storage, Leave my guild, and then it turns out that xfers to Bera had been cut off?! I am extremely upset that i am now unable to see my friends who xfered. and now, I pointlessly left my guild and told everyone that i am xfering. And now, I'm stuck here in this now dead MYBCKN, all lonely with few friends left. I'm extremely disappointed in Nexon for this.


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