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  • Chronotic
    Hi Tionne, my character in stuck maple alliance out post and i cannot get out in any way so could you manually move me out o the map please, Thank You! I beg of u help me!!

    Name: Chronoticals
    Server: Cassiopeia
    July 2019
  • FEIFEI0416
    Hi Tionne, T^T my account was blocked due to a chargeback that I know nothing about. and the game master replied in email without any detail saying I will not be unbanned. Can you please help me? I called both my bank and paypal questioning what went wrong both of them said they don't know... The charge back happened on oct 27th and EVERTHING I've ever spend was refund back to my paypal... I am really confused... I posted this issue in the billing category in the forums can you please help me :( thank you!
    November 2016
  • ILIVE547
    I think i was moved into the wrong Henesy im getting Zero cut scences
    October 2016
  • ILIVE547
    I am stuck in MMF

    IGN: Ilive547
    World: Scania
    October 2016
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