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November 25, 1992
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Live your life to the fullest.
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Just a person who likes to play video games.


  • Welcome Ghiblee! I am always interested in new mods and CM. They always provide something new to the table. I have a couple questions for you: What Anime did you like from 2018? What is you one of all time favorite Anime that you watched? W…
  • When I got the box that says to return to Alika, when I hit yes it takes me back to Savrti Entrance In the Unscheduled Maintenance updates and notes it says, "An issue where disconnecting during certain parts of Act 2 in Monad caused a character…
  • Bug type: Quest Brief bug summary: After a disconnect during the Monad story line where I have to lure the monster away from the town, I went to relog and tried to continue where I left off in Monad Act 2. However, it is not letting me back where…
  • I got disconnected at the place where you have to defeat the jellyrashes to move foward with the quest line. It made me go back to Savrti Entrance to where I can't go back to the place I was before I got disconnected. I even tried talking to all the…
  • foussiremix wrote: » So since people seem to bash on corsairs , I made on and got him to lvl 163 though. They are awesome Superb mobility Their mobbing is top, i dont kniw why people say their mobbing is bad, its not like nautilus strike, broad…
  • AznboiE wrote: » Eric class That made me laugh so hard. To be honest, I want to be a Corsair in real life.
  • Reboot, Lvl 211, Corsair, account is about a year old
  • That is an amazing cosplay of Eunwol.
  • Sweet Cosplay. The detail of the sword looks good.
  • Bug type: Broken Event/Quest Brief bug summary: After a few runs, I started to get negative bun buxx points. More details: It happened after my 4th run of the Steamed Bun Event. It should give you 100 bun buxx every time you complete a run of …
  • The Nexon launcher has it's problems. For some reason, it won't update the news for me every time I log in. One time, it couldn't detect my installed maplestory. So I did some troubleshooting (aka looking up on google). I have to say that one good t…
  • It used to be Bowmasters, since it was my first class I ever pick in Maplestory. Over the years, my favorite class has to be Corsair. Just because something about them makes me like playing the game.