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  • I've spent most of my time playing The Legends Return and I am very sad to see that it is now gone. I can't believe that this day would ever come and I hope this is just temporary. I spent so much time playing The Legends Return with my friends and …
  • Just because KMS shut star planet down doesn't necessarily mean we will too. Hello please vote here to bring back Star Planet http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/985/please-return-the-legends-return#latest thank u
  • I could honestly care less about star planet's existence. It died within the 3rd day with only 25% of it's original users being gone in less than a week. I know a handful of people who haven't been to star planet after 2 weeks of it being around a…
  • I play Starplanet when I'm bored which is usually all the time. Starplanet is one of the thing that makes Maplestory unique, by taking it out its just another MMRPG where everyone is going to afk. Starplanet is another place where players from diffe…
  • @Nexon you guys posted how Star Planet only brings less than 1% of the popularity and only receiving 5% of the reward points. If so why not increase the the amount of reward points for each mini games and attractive players by adding new contents. S…
  • “Few blades cut deeper than the edge of unrequited love.” This sentiment acutely portrays the nature of my grievance cause by the abrupt removal of The Legends Return. In the summer of 2015, I embarked on my new PvP career. I had fed the opposing …