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  • Update: Looks like the game never gave me the Cygnus Knight's Favor part of the questline until I entered the airport. Weird. Thank you for letting me know, though, I had no idea.
  • YinYangX wrote: » So not sure if it was originally planned, but looks like the "compensation" is another Sugar Time on Jan. 6? (on event list) oh, no I think that's different? It has a pony set, while the first one had a chance for an Absolab w…
  • I didn't even HAVE max reward points but I still didn't get anything Nexon pls.
  • Yeah, no one is finding them anywhere. So we're stuck with the crafted lvl 110 dragon one. Nexon, please fix it.
    in Weapons Comment by Pluto December 2017
  • I missed out on rewards for like, 2 boxes so far? I know the chance of an absolab weapon is low but haha, sure wanted it.
  • Oh, so it's a wide problem? Did it start with the drop changes? and yeah, seen this troll around lately
  • My immediate response to the title of this thread is "Gay. Like me." but ha, you can't have that in maplestory so like, idk, green hair? Fluffy green hair, not super liking her default hair. And yeah, totally want some horns for her, ha. Some cute o…
  • !!! LGBTQ friendly? oh heck yes i am here for this Character Name: Cuteaco Level: 155 Class: Xenon Short bio (Optional): I've been playing maple on and off since just after beta. Will be active! They/Them pronouns, please! It'll be nice to hav…
  • I'm biased because i started playing a looooong time ago, but the only recent crashes i've had was due to my own stupid internet tbh. But it gets grumpy when i don't restart my pc for a while lol.
  • Yeah, there's usually a big problem when they first put up big updates like this tbh. But i've been mapling for a while and they get patched way quicker these days. So, they probably want to fix everything up before the american GMs can go on break?
  • @shavit Oh, well crap I never restart this darn thing. Windows 10, home premium. Yes, updates are mandatory and cannot be fully removed. I'll restart and see if it'll work.