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  • puyopoppah wrote: » hi i am new to the server reboot and would like to join the guild but i needs to make a new character. and if i can i would like to ask 1 question ...would you like a cleric for your guild or do you have too many already? Su…
  • DrkKnightRem wrote: » That would be great! Do guilds still require an in-game invite or do I need to apply? you'd have to look up the guild yourself in game and send in a request , or you can add me and I'll request you whenever you're on I…
  • FatherZe wrote: » Hey, im a returning player from 10 years ago, looking to get back into maplestory. Im starting new since i lost my account, are you fine with new chars? I have discord and i am active 1230pm est till 4ish we do allow new cha…
  • DrkKnightRem wrote: » Hey! You responded to me so I thought I'd bring it home. I'd love to join! Feel free to send me an invite and a discord link if it's up. I'll be on later in the day (I'm EST) You would have to send me a request or request …
  • Fungz wrote: » I'd like to join your guild as well i'm a DA @ 300k and still kinda nooby. I'd like to work towards 1m range and contribute with CRA and Hellux carries. Ign : DarkFung Send in a request and we'll add you !
  • Hello , you can join my 150+ guild : Wishes it's new , so lots of us are working to progress further into the game together ; especially carries we can help with advice and such ; we also have a discord !
  • Hello , you can join my guild : Wishes it's fairly new , but we're always willing to help with advice and such . many of us are working to progress further into the game together we're 150+ and we also have a discord !
  • KidoYaMing wrote: » Idk about your current guild but Im looking for a guild that can carry me through CRA and help me progress in the game. One that is fun to be in and is friendly to n00by players. Im always on for at least 8 hours aday or more a…
  • I made a new guild called Wishes . It's new but a lot of us are over 200+ we're trying to get active and start recruiting more people . Request to join if you'd like