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  • There clearly needs to be something done about the hackers/botters but the current system isn't doing it. It caught too many legit players in the net while barely touching the actual problem. Banning hackers who just make new accounts is a very brie…
  • Anger coupled with my initial findings via Google to be less than inspiring. It looked like tickets would probably just get the stock replies if not being banned from support for "too many" tickets, and from what I've seen with other banned players …
  • While using the fire bird skill from the new determination quest, I got stuck on a slope and when the bird expired, fell through the floor. Typically falling out of bounds(which is possible on a few maps- one of the Black Heaven rooms has no actual …
  • Athena Pierce, FriendStory Cassandra bonus: Space Channel 5- Ulala Jett Hallowkitty (repose of Jett)
  • I played over an hour today, but avoided runes, I'm not 100% certain those are safe to use yet. Even if I farm for max determination every day it's still going to cut close on unlocking all ranks or buying anything good in the shop, I only unlocked …
  • I think a major problem as far as the appeals process goes is that it appears Nexon outsourced a foreign customer service center to handle tickets. This seems evident by the fact they reply quickly in the "off" hours when Nexon should be closed. The…
  • While skills related to Kanna and Ark seem to be involved in tripping the system, I can confirm this issue is not limited to those 2 classes or only select, specific issues. My ban was on my Wild Hunter, about 10-15 minutes after I logged in. I don'…
  • I have nothing further to say to Nexon or the player community, nor does it have anything to say I wish to hear.
  • They won't fix it. This has been ongoing for weeks now but since it only affected a few players before this past week's explosion of automated bans, no one much cared until the 21st when it went out of control, and I would bet if not for that the b…
  • Well, I'm not going to hassle with that. Right now after dealing with CS over my account ban due to a lag spike and nothing else and generally getting nowhere, my account is either under a 1-month ban, or has been upgraded to permanent after indicat…
  • I don't know why they have a ticket system for bans since they refuse to investigate and only give the standard form reply. Their system lagged while I was playing, they claim I was hacking, and per their rules they don't have to show any proof to …
  • I filed a ticket, now to see if they settle this before the Black Mage event ends, or if they don't just say "all bans are fair" and close it.
  • I've done that multiple times, has not worked
  • World select screen, Lab world button not visible after multiple attempts to get it to work right https://i.imgur.com/qSK67RQ.jpg Character select screen after 8/10 patch, Lab button visible, clicking it does nothing https://i.imgur.com/q2f…