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  • The saddest thing here is that we haven't encouraging responses of anyone. Not even a "we are reviewing the cases or we are putting a debate the cases". Will there of community manager who can support us?
  • False prohitions not resolved! It is unfortunate what many legitimate players are going through and to this day we have no solid answers that back up their "PROHIBITIONS". Who is Anna? I found out that it solved the DMT issue for people who playi…
  • Hello!! What should we do the people who are falsely prohibited? Is will there any manager who is empathic and patient who can listen to us? Or so have we just lost everything without doing anything against the server?
  • Keishuo wrote: » Didn't get any response from Customer Service for almost a week, so left a message today and got banned from it, sigh! Is there nothing anyone can do to lift the ban of innocent accounts?! So far they are showing that the deci…
  • It is unfortunate for everything we are going through. I started playing the server from the beginning and I never imagined having this type of deal.
  • Sengara wrote: » Keishuo wrote: » Has anyone heard anything or been unbanned yet? https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/148720708141187072/729422188771541103/unknown.png nope. only sent this crap I also received an equal response, I do n…
  • Futhermore, apart the problem that has happened during the DMT there are many problems that exist in the server and one of the other problems is the prohibitions to many legal persons. Unfortunately, so far we have no solution and only get unsubsta…
  • A total shame for the moments that make us go through. I hope that the GMs online will be activated soon so that we can have a good conversation, with people who provide feasible arguments that prove our ban is justified. I hope they will accept th…
  • We are many who are going through the same and the responses we get from the GM are negative, breaking hopes of playing server again. ING: iWayra World: Bera.
  • In this list, many who play legal are included.
  • The cases of permanent prohibition continue to increase. It stands to reason that your system is failing and hurting many legal ones. I have been claiming for 24 days and, like everyone, I received denials. I really hope they take a letter about i…
  • Let's hope the GMs don't forget about us and accept the game system is banning many person legal.
  • World: Bera Ing: iWayra I'm still suspended (21 days) for reasons that I have been never done it. I have never committed irregularities against the server. Furthermore, I play with my brother on the same computer, and he continues to play normal…
  • Do not scare me!! I'm suspended ago 18 days and the most sad thing is that I do not have a good investigation by the GM.
  • I finally found my account and they accuse me of Hacking / Botting. Please investigate my account well, because I have never used those programs. World: Bera Ing: iWayra Lv: 220
  • Hello Mr. GM !!! World: Bera Ign: iWayra Level: 220 Please, I need a nexon staff to review my problem. I am one of the many legal people who is blocked for causes I do not commit. I sent many tickets but all responses are automatic and I am …
  • I hope it is so. I will be waiting for responses by email.
  • Only a part was heard and many here waiting for the activation of our accounts. Every hour I am trying to connect to the server, but without success. I hope the server does not forget us.
  • Many people have been managed to be unlocked. I'm still not lucky enough to connect, I hope they solves mine too
  • We are many who are suffering from this decision of the administrators. They accuse us of going against the terms of the server when simply what we do is play legally. It may not have much material like some here, but the right to the players is …