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  • Guess it'll remain literally impossible to get the Orchid call quest done.
  • @AKradian If it's a short lived event and it comes unannounced, then nobody on Reboot would be able to have even AN inventory of legendary gollux/fafnir. Maybe a spare or two if you have decent skills, drop sets, and bossing sets among the top of th…
  • @AKradian Again, Reboot isn't actually 3x leveling speed, the HP:EXP ratios are the same across servers, but Reboot has much higher HP mobs to the point where it only matters in the highest percent of players, where in normal servers, they benefit f…
  • @SadVirgin The thing is those kind of things would have a negligible impact on the economy as long as there are limits to what characters can move (only characters lvl 33 created before the event announcement). Sure there may be botters who capitali…
  • @SaekiSenpai I see no reason they couldn't bar characters with cubes (and other offending items) from leaving Reboot to prevent that
  • @SadVirgin Okay, the chairs concern is understandable, I didn't realize that those chairs were highly valued in normal servers. However for the other points, to my knowledge, the only high value equips that are affected by Reboot's drop rates are Ty…
  • Seal wrote: » It seems like it would be a good idea, people migrating to a P2W server, which is their #1 source of income from cubes. But players would probably cube their gear before migrating so it essentially won't happen. Instead of benefiting…
  • SadVirgin wrote: » This is actually hilarious. You know Nexon, if you want to so blatantly not care about your community, just put the medals back in, you'll make more money that way
  • Xenon92 wrote: » This came to my realization, which i dont think reboot has this but, not only did you put these P2W boxes in Reboot, but now Battle-roids exists in REBOOT. While I agree with everything else you said, the battleroids aren't in …
  • I mean, when a lot of people said to remove it, it was typically presented along the other (and clearly better) options of removing the nx cost and/or changing the meso cost to fit more in line with other items in the reboot CS that are typically so…
  • First time logging into the forums just to call Nexon out on this. Cubes are 10m:1k meso:nx, why is it that it's suddenly 500m:4k? Either make it 40m, make other servers pay $50 per box, or leave it out entirely. I was seriously considering dumping …