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  • Uganda_Blaster wrote: » pepe wrote: » Post: 1 And your point? Don't have to be an active member of the forums to report an actual bug... Is there no credibility when I put the effort in demonstrating how the Totem functions on the server it c…
  • Arwoo wrote: » Hi Maplers! We've reopened this discussion with the response that we've gathered from our CS and Investigations team. Apologies if an answer could not be provided to your question in this round of Q&A. We would like to hold m…
  • For both the investigation team and customer support team (perhaps, the Admin team as well): Preface: The last paragraph states the intention of this post--to shine light on suboptimal solution and addresses a recurring concern that has been popp…
  • Maybe they should consider revising the concept of "permanent ban". At some point, a "permanent" ban is meaningless when the account brings no harm to the balance of the game. If it's like the hyper skill exploit or a level hack then sure, those cas…
  • A bit unfair that those who were traded items/bought items during the December cube exploit incident were banned and weren't given the option of having those items removed. Those items are obsolete by today's standard and nothing good comes out of k…
  • Would be hilarious if customer support chimes in with a copy/paste Also, when is the investigation team's Q&A?
  • I share the same sentiment [as the person I quoted but had his/her post removed]--how is it possible that Nexon makes a ton of mistakes (albeit human error) everywhere else (in the form of typos, QA, internal miscommunication, error in code) but has…
  • Arwoo wrote: » As stated through various private messages, conclusive evidence was found from looking through each case extensively. Maple has a ton of bugs, frequently has typos, sometimes QA fails to verify certain fixes, server maintenance e…
  • 1. Only the social aspect appeals to me Secondly, Do you like the art style? 2. Game is good, it's just that it's managed poorly. Thirdly, How would you Improve the game? 3. Same as 2. Nexon America needs to realize that we're not Korean and als…
  • Why would anyone vote no...