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  • xNailKaiser wrote: » That's why it's interesting. What would happen if the GMs were attacked by an enemy and rendered powerless? Would the Maplers defend their own game from destruction? That's cool :O Yeah it'd be interesting. Is there lore fo…
  • DeeMon wrote: » Neo Tokyo's Auf Haven. I don't know, she's pretty hot, dood. Never got to experience her. Aufhaben was a very cute boss but unfortunately but he time I faced her I could easily beat them ; 3 ; bUT YES THEY ARE VERY CUTE
  • Vanishing Journey. Everything is all nice and close together! very satisfying
  • xNailKaiser wrote: » I had an idea involving ghoulish monsters attacking Nexon HQ and the Maplers having to cross into the real world to save the Nexon HQ building and GMs as well as the orbiting broadcast satellite from a H.P. Lovecraft inspired …
  • SaekiSenpai wrote: » Fairly decent info, but there are people asking for leech at...chickens? Or something I forget. What all are the top spots for a Kanna? that sounds like the new red gate area in the 6 path cross way
    in How to Kanna? Comment by Scorci May 2017
  • MaplerOver9000 wrote: » I really like the Tengu boss from Mushroom Shrine Tales. Such an epic battle, AMG. The shine will always hold a nice place in my heart. Those scary monster maidens you could kill with heal for exp. Bless them
  • TsukiBaka wrote: » I'm a huge fan of Lucid. Lucid is an incentive to me to get to 220 and beat her on Easy when she arrives for Beyond (Override). Her OST is absolutely amazing, Lachelein is overall the coolest place in all of Maple. And Nightmare…
  • Arwoo wrote: » Perhaps we could have an event where we put up a MapleStory monster hit list for Maplers. I can't spoil too much, but we are planning to release a pretty tough cookie that may take many Maplers to beat. It's a monster everyone i…
  • bumbertyr wrote: » Crimsonwood keep grandmasters. I LOVE EVERYTHING CRIMSONWOOD
  • AlexF wrote: » I personally have two favorite bosses; I love Pink Bean, he's my spirit animal - (some of my favorite artwork in the game). Lucid - because the feels when you clear it with your party I've never beaten the high end bosses. I'm…
  • I scrolled my shadower's dagger with all 15% scrolls as well as gotten sweetwater gloves that I'm doing the same too! Coming back as of the Re:Zero update gonna play a LOT more!!