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  • Same problem... i have like 2 hours witing that this think let me play but every time i login it tells me "ID already logged in game" i connect with other account and work propperly
  • AKradian wrote: » TehuTehu wrote: » AKradian wrote: » Sadly, you can't. there are alot of people having this issue right now including me (happened 10 hours ago) cant nexon force the accounts out or something? I know multiple people have…
  • Aggraphine wrote: » From what I've heard, the skill's animation is just badly optimized. You're definitely not alone in void strike causing massive framerate drops. Nothing to really be done about it until someone gets around to fixing it. Even…
  • So thats mean that i will get a better arcane stone? I dont have the arcane stone yet... im just activating the first one... why if i gett 500000000 experience, i have to wait that finish the 2 hours...
  • Hey guys, The support website already has this issue listed, so they are aware of it. Note that they don't normally perform maintenance or anything this week. https://support-maplestory.nexon.net/hc/en-us/articles/115000052903-Known-Issues-with-1…
  • Come on... this game only work for youtubers... I get DC at the first minute of dmt and log in again when de stupid miracle time its over... FIX YOUR CRAP NEXON!!! or just close it because this will kill us for a heart attack
  • Come on nexon... just two days to get to lvl 200 and you make the game imposible to play... thx for ruining my burning character event...
  • I finally get the birth of alliance skill... you must finish some quest in edelstein but you need to finish al the quest line... http://www.basilmarket.com/forum/2378680/2/Evan_Alliance_SkillStep_By_Step_Quests.html good luck
  • That still does not tell me where to start it. You have to do all your quest line... just look at the quest log and do all the quest that are in "JOB EVAN" or something like that... its a little boring and long but i think you can finish them... it…
  • Im not finish the quest but i found this Requirements: Explorer (Including Cannoneer and Dual Blade): Reach lv. 75. Cygnus Knights: Complete [Capture the Puppeteer!], Reach lv. 75. Aran: Complete [Neinheart's Gratitude], Reach lv 75. Evan: Complete…
  • They give the prize yesterday... you had to share anything that nexon put on the micro-site but you need it to be logged in the web.
  • Like someone said long ago... they need to have another little server (for 3 or 2 players only) to try out all the updates, all the changes, etc etc etc... just to prevent this crap... im missed my job for 2 days for "feeling bad" and now i just hav…
  • Im so pissed because i was working on a new F/P archmage, in the last 2 weeks and i get to lvl 150, i have good epic equips that i was waiting to get in to the lvl130 VL Set and also get the Gold Dragon Medal, and i want it to get the burn stuff to …
  • I can load in perfextly fine, you could have a corrupted file of some sorts, have u tried a fresh install? He's got the same problem I had on my other laptop. In that his computer is complete trash and suffers an immediate 2 FPS upon loading into t…