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  • I can get pearl but not frozen. Level 31 world scania ign Zueno class nightwalker
  • Just want you all to know that we're aware of this and are looking into it. I got a Zueno character on scania nightwalker I want to main and I can't get frozen box either. i just get the v tracker. it's level 1 though do i need to be a higher level…
  • What did it say when you tried to open it? I know it gives out a lot of items so you might be low on space. I created a new char for burning, and never got the level 30 box. I got the same as the OP, the maple pearl set and such, but never the actua…
  • @ShihoMiyano - I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing this problem again. Is anyone else still experiencing this issue? I am also on my wind archer in Scania I've crashed easily over 30 times today tried to repair also
  • On the na server in scania on my wind archer Ihave crashed like over 35 times today. repaired also and major lag/delay.
  • Man you guys are so impatient lmao. You act like all this stuff is planned out to happen. even "testers" do miss stuff. Mistakes happen would you rather have those stay or be fixed?
  • so whatever happened to the " more specific ETA and more information as we correct this issue." it's been an hour already... "Thank you Maplers once again for your continued patience and understanding throughout this Unscheduled Maintenance." is t…
  • Hello all, Thank you all for being incredibly patient as our team has been working on this Unscheduled Maintenance for MapleStory. We fully understand how excited all of you are to play MapleStory, and we want to provide you all with an update that…
  • Deleting a character over level 30 requires a 24-hour cooldown period, during which your character will appear as a ghost. After the 24 hours is up, complete the deletion by clicking delete on the character again. This was introduced to let people c…
  • Basically I have to delete a main character of mine for this event cause I want to keep my name but will it take me 24 hours? and why does it take 24 hours? incase you accidentally try to delete the wrong character, or if you get hacked you have 24 …