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  • There is a huge difference between KNOWINGLY buying hacked items and UNKNOWINGLY trading/buying hacked items. People KNOWINGLY bought hacked items while SOME UNKNOWINGLY bought hacked items. That is the difference here.
  • This needs to be addressed! You punish people who dupe, not people who get items that are duped through trades/meso! There is absolutely no way to distinguish a duped item from a non-duped item!
  • Hey everyone, On Wednesday, we blocked some players who had lost their item potential. Just now, we have released the block and awarded these players the item with the potential they lost, if any. · We previously announced this in the fol…
  • Hi everyone, Sorry to hear you're having problems logging in. I have forwarded this information, and we are looking into these issues. This is an issue with us being blocked for that stupid potential fredrick issue! Please ask them to finish the fi…
  • You're crashing instead of getting the "you banned cause we screwed up" message because you are using the launcher. If you tried logging in directly then you would get the banned message. You're banned basically.
  • Is there any official statement on this extension? I see nothing but the original post saying dec 2nd without and exact time. Would be nice if they said something In the support page-_-
  • Absolute yes! They could've atleast filtered us through tickets. I had no significant loss there, and I assume the same about many more. However, we are losing out on V coins and x2 with this. They need to sort this out asap Instead of fixing it,…