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  • This is form of punishment to all players plain and simple. There are no benefits to the normal legit player for this and it prevents nothing to us. The hacker/botter going to bypass this countermeasure system always with new program. These mobs nee…
  • @AKradian Yes, as I said "allegedly" as that was seemingly our first best guess among my friends who play as to why mysteriously these pests appears now all of a sudden per 5 minutes, but hearing now from your perspective of what Korea MS uses them…
  • forumsareannoying wrote: » Right. FUD. Nexons main defense. But those psuedo measures do not work. They hindered legit players more than hackers in almost every instance. FUD, the blunt terminology they needed to put all perceived "threats" …
  • Some interesting discussion going on here. It would seem that people are split on this opinion of farming capability in Reboot. Only one thing to @Aggraphine & @iMaMadHobo Why so rude? It is opinion, not insistence that every one agree, thus …
  • Patterns. Nexon love to tease you- Step 1: Good Event release, breathes life back in to the game, let everyone enjoy for a bit Step 2: Patch game event 1-2 days later TO THE GROUND Step 3 (optional): 2nd patch with more nerfing to pour salt in …
  • Please dear god NO, do NOT do this Nexon, you'd be making a HUGE mistake to take out the gamelauncher option. That piece of trash Nexon Launcher doesn't work worth a craaap for me, do that and I have to cut ties with this game.