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  • ChairStory V: Design-A-Chair Contest


    Server: Nova
    IGN: Dark0bright

    This is the Core Chair! (Aka nodestone core chair). This was inspired by my dedicated grinding in Arcane River Road of Vanishing. With 120% drop rate gear and a winter coupon drop rate, I still can only manage to get at minimum of 1 node stone core every 30 minutes which can get extremely frustrating considering that I am a luminous and I hit the whole map, yet the drop rate is still extremely low, so I can understand how unhappy maplers with no drop rates are doing.

    With this new contest, I decided to create the Core Chair. The animation looks just like when a player opens a node stone and it explodes revealing the skill. Well for this chair, the node stone will explode and out comes the maplestory character! He will pop out and land on the floor, then jump up again and the explosion will be reversed and the maplestory character goes back into the core, this creating an infinite loop!

    That stats will be just like any chair recover 50 mp and 50 hp every 10 seconds, but here is what gets interesting...FOR EVERY 30 MINUTES THAT YOU SIT ON THE CHAIR, YOU GET 1 NODESTONE! I am sure those maplers with no drop rate gear will be every happy about this! Of course then people will afk like crazy so there will be a restriction... players who sit on the chair can get a maximum of 10 stones per day (5 hours). Effect only activates in arcane areas.

    How do you get this equipment?
    This equipment should be given to players who has finished 5th job pre-quest along with finishing road of vanishing quest line in Lake of Oblivion. Once finished, you can receive the reward from Rona located in Lake of Obilivion Namless Town.

    What’s the story?
    Rona says: "Dear Mapler! Look how far you have grown! I'm thankful for your help and I'm sure you must be tired of fighting the Erdas constantly! As a token of my application I will give you the Core Chair so you can reset before going into battle! Replenish your strength as you continue to move on during your journey!

    How does it fit in Maple World?
    I definitely feel that this chair fits maple world extremely well. Any player who has reached lvl 200 and finished the pre-quest will always be seeing themselves opening node stones. I am sure all maplers will become even eager to continue playing and progressing deeper into the story for they know that they still have a chance to obtain nodestones to grow stronger!
    The design is based of the node stone which all lvl 200+ players will see constantly, and it is simple enough where it can easily be implemented into the game while not causing lag. The animation gives it a nice touch as well.
    With this chair, even if the effect doesn't apply, at least maplers will be able to see themselves "opening node stones" which might provide satisfaction and encourage them to farm more stones!

    This was hand drawn frame per frame, black and white, but the color will be the same as the nodestones. The character will will appear in jump position and will fall down in a talk stance, then jump up again as it enters back into the core.