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  • Remove maple point Maple Tour passes; Ursus

    Daily reminder this is pay2win content and goes against what the server was made for. You'll end up ruining it.
  • Maple Tour entry tickets in Reboot

    I don't normally post on the Maple Forums but I feel like I have to voice my opinion on this topic.

    Reboot World is a breath of fresh air when it comes to the pay2win of normal servers. It has survived and thrived since it opened and that's because it rewards players for hard work, rather than allowing players to pay their way to the top. When this server was first released, Nexon was going to introduce Mesos bags you could buy with real money and the community was outraged. We let our feelings know then with a massive amount of hysteria, petitions and people making thoughtful posts.

    Unfortunately, it looks like you guys have completely forgotten why we felt so strongly about implementing pay2win measures.

    Make no mistake, this Maple World Tour is pay2win. It may be insignificant to some, who are already able to farm billions every day. But the amount you can earn from this content shouldn't be the concern- it's the fact that they are even introducing concepts like this to the server. This is the second pay2win concept they have introduced in recent months, with the first being the Arcane River Dailies Pass. They don't mean much on their own, but they are slowly adding more and more ways where you can pay to progress and pay to win.

    The whole point of Reboot was to remove the pay2win concept and give people a server they can play on. I implore Nexon to remove the ability to buy VIP pass with Maple Points on Reboot server, or change it to RP/Mesos at the very least. Here's what will slowly happen:

    1) Players with money will buy their way to the top; players without money will get frustrated at more and more of these money grabs.

    2) If players don't speak up with passion about this issue, there will be more pay2win concepts introduced. The only reason they stopped the mesos bag when Reboot World was first released was because the community spoke up about it. Anyone who is reading this thread and who is against Pay2Win in Reboot, I ask you to add your voice too.

    3) Reboot World Players will slowly drop off and they will go elsewhere. There was a reason this server was introduced in the first play; to try to appease and bring back those players who had left because of the how badly the pay2win concepts were. I didn't touch Maple for years and years before Reboot, and now I regularly play.

    I honestly hope Ghiblee passes on these thoughts/comments because you're ruining the entire concept of what Reboot World is.
  • Please keep P2W out of Reboot

    I'm completely against these boxes being put in for NX. If they're allowed, I will quit and never play again. The whole premise of Reboot is no pay2win. Even changing one aspect of this will mean going back to regular servers. This update is just GREED on Nexon.

    I've given Nexon so many chances over the years. I will not play the game with pay2win elements.