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  • Thank you Nexon

    If the trade off to spawn increase is meso+drop rate and exp increase, then there shouldn't be an issue. I think instead of focusing on the Kanna revamp, Nexon should focus on high exp and meso yield party play zones. Some of the best time I've had leveling was when Lionheart Castle was still a party play zone. Hanging out with a bunch of people during 2x is MUCH more fun than soloing a map for 4 hours.
  • Merge low population worlds

    I'm in Broa and there are zero people anywhere to be found. Nobody in PQ, nobody in any of the maps, zero people in FM. For some who have contributed much to their world, starting fresh in a semi-populated world like Scania would be quite the endeavor. Each world has their own economy, this I get. However some worlds have now reached the same point in their economies and could benefit from another merger, similar to GAZED. I found Reboot to be an interesting spin on the current game, but it still pains me to leave all my work behind(over 20 characters) not to mention a bunch of NX gear. No community is currently the main issue plaguing the game. People grind and grind, without stopping to smell the roses. MMO stands for massively multiplayer. I don't know about you but when I walk around Maplestory, I don't get that feel anymore. If you read some of the comments on Youtube videos of why people quit, maybe it could spark some new ideas for player retention. Monster Carnival was one of the best ways to level up, but it didn't deter from the social aspect. Having multiple people in one map killing monsters is fun, and when you have fun, you make friends. As you make more friends, your gravitation towards the game becomes more than just the content, but the friends you've made. I don't think this game is beyond saving. You've created Reboot which to be honest would never have even crossed my mind. Make Maplestory great again!