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  • How do you feel about the V coin limits?

    What's jarring to this whole situation is they did not even give an explanation as to why they are using such a minuscule coin cap or why there is even a cap at all when they could have adjusted the coin reward rate or possibly removed the 3 and 5 coin drop options from the pool.

    To me this is just another sign that whoever is in charge of dictating events and how the mesh with the game flow is completely disconnected from the player community. The boxes drop at a rate that clogs inventories, and a cap of 10 coins makes them virtually worthless in the grand scheme of things (you will only receive 230 more coins from them). On top of that, the V boxes are set to expire on with the 5th Job Advancement quest in 1 week, meaning we will only get about 210 more coins from those boxes (unless a replacement box is introduced).

    On the reboot server, the "Goal" item is the Vengeful Ring (many people have already obtained it) and next "season" (5th Job Advancement Patch), the coin shop is set to introduce new items including the return of the Jewelcrafting Event ring. Unless a steady, reliable, and fruitful method of obtaining V Coins is introduced, then we will only see a repeat of the Ricecake Event in terms of horrifying grind times being required to actually complete events. This feels like poor design and will inevitably lead to people missing out on event rewards not for lack of effort or availability, but for what is strictly RNG.

    Player morale is dropping rapidly, people are feeling discouraged from playing the game when you generated a great deal of hype over the past few months with a steady stream of player engagement and agreeable content. Once respect from your player base has been lost, it will be far more difficult to win it back.
  • [Unscheduled Maintenance] Nov. 30, 2016

    Just gonna leave this here, good luck with the maintenance.
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