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  • No double sup pendant.... WHY?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Either DON'T allow double pendants to begin with or keep the current system. What the hell are we going to do with our tyrants which we worked so hard on? Trading
  • PIC for storage

    val98 wrote: »
    an easy middle ground would just give us the option to turn it off or on. give us a choice

    Just remove it altogether. In all seriousness, if your account is breached that PIC does NOT protect your items at all. Right now and for the foreseeable future, this feature is nothing but an annoyance for those of us who need to equip our mules and access the storage.
  • Familiar card drop rate is insane

    See here's the thing:

    - We all thought that the system being "revamped" meant that it would become better.

    - Turns out the system was not made better, if anything it was worse than before. Certain familiars were nigh impossible to get even before the revamp and now are practically non existent.

    - After the patch it was claimed that familiars now drop according to their rank, it makes no sense that common cards such as Rien monsters still take up to around 40 minutes to get. YES i went to farm those muru cards and it took a whole 36 minutes with my pig familiar and monster park pendant plus holy symbol.

    - As of now, any badge set containing a boss is not possible to get without buying numerous booster packs. I would have considered buying booster packs if the drop rates for all the other familiars were so ridiculously low.

    I'm hoping that after this unscheduled maintenance they ACTUALLY fix the familiar system. Or I might as well just stay well away from the system altogether. Not willing to spend the time and effort to hunt for things which I know won't drop.

    This broken system together with the PIC storage issue REALLY isn't making maple enjoyable right now.
  • PIC for storage

    Or how about if you access maple from another IP address than the one you're usually on, you need to put in the PIC, that would save a lot of hassle as well? Just exploring options here. But the current storage PIC HAS to go. Stupidest idea to ever be implemented.
  • PIC for storage

    I think the whole thing about having your account logged in at a public net cafe doesn't rest well with a lot of players here on GMS. I personally do not know of anyone accessing this game at an internet cafe on my BL. It should be common sense that if you access anything on a public computer, do NOT leave traces of your password or personal details behind, let alone leave an app logged in for people to abuse.

    If we apply that logic of protecting account information, wouldn't we need to enter a PIC every time we trade regular items as well? Or every time we need to enter the auction house? If the PIC only protected the items inside the storage, what's there to stop people with bad intent from trading away the entire inventory of goods that a lot of players store on their characters? Once again, if the hacker / scammer has already logged in to your account, then all is already lost.

    The hassle it creates versus the effect it is supposed to create is NOT worth it in my opinion and not enough of a reason to implement in the first place.