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  • Look of the Month - Halloween Special!

    IGN: Chéri
    World: Luna

    Short description of what your character is wearing:
    • Pearl Maple Gum
    • Skull Earrings
    • Black Wings Hat
    • Bloody Jeanne
    • Ellinia Magic School Shoes
    • Dark Mischief
    • Iron Cane
    • Pink Lady Quote Ring 2

    Hairstyle / Face:
    • Hair : Yellow Voluminous Wave
    • Face : Posh Look (Black)

    I used these equipment as I was going for a Black / Red / Yellow simple aesthetic inspired by the Black Wings, with hints of white throughout. I think it made Chéri look unique, reflecting on the colors of the Wings and the Halloween holiday (with the earrings) at the same time :)

    What horrifying or Halloween look were you going for (theme):
    While some people celebrate Halloween by warding off ghosts and others by lighting up pumpkins, I celebrate the holiday by trick-or-treating around Magatia. I mean, there's nothing wrong with some sweet free candy, right?
    So I set off in the moonlight, decked out in my new costume and my matching cane, and I tried going around asking the townspeople for some treats. Most of them were pretty annoyed, and I ended up not getting much loot. However, with piercing vision, I noticed a small, rundown building at the end of the street. While it did look a bit frightening, there's no harm in trying, I thought. As I approached the house, I saw the boarded-up windows and the whirring monstrosity of the machines; I saw cobwebs covering the roof and pipes and a dim, ominous glow from inside. At this point I was scared - who, or what, could be living or hiding in there!?
    I pressed on the doorbell, and braced myself for what would answer it... luckily, it was another person, and while they didn't open the door, they left a couple of sweets out on the window for me! While that was a close call, it was like stealing candy from a baby ;)