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November 8, 1998
  • Why bring back the dead?

    No it wouldn't balance it out
    Why merg a dead server with an active server ? it wouldn't work out at all.
    Most people still get back onto the dead servers because of the lack of popularity and not moving the characters over. its peaceful there and not a whole lot of cheaters. Yes even tho the inflation of the auction houses are in bad shape. its better to play on a server were you don't need to be in a race with other people, than being slamed down with Ksers and Messo bots.

    By the time the servers will be out and fixed, We will have 3 servers
    One Now Simi dead
    One f2p
    and one popular / op server.

    Which will you choose? and No, moving the servers to scania will not solve anything, because guess what, There are no "okay" Servers
    there mostly all dead anyways since the character transfer event.
  • Cadena & Illium Fan Art Contest [WINNERS]

    Welp i always needed more cash for illium.
    IGN: IlliumKun
    World: Luna
    Name of Artwork or Description (Optional): Illium Of sorrow
  • -Suggestion-

    We should have :
    1. Skill Skins - Sea has this and its seems pretty cool and plus Nexon would get more money by this.
    2. Login Pin / Cashshop Pin changed to EU/KMS layout - Will let you log in faster without clicking tabs so many times and rage when it failed .-.
    3. Upgrading the Maple Anti Hack system - Kms has a pretty good anti cheat system on there game where it detects you before u even log into the game that u have hacks on and kicks you right off till u remove the hacks and get back on.
    4. Change the Layout of Cash shop - Its 2017/2018 and all other servers have a nice clean layout and we still have the layout since after the big bang and it kinda time to change to the layout that all other mapler servers have.
    5. For lord sake, Please Fix your report button from in game!
    6. Portable Storage - Kms / Sea have portable Storages since its alot easier to get in to without tellaporting back to FM alot to access it, and we should get this on our server
    7. Get more Korean Cash items into GMS.
    8. Make it possible to change the UI skins from in game.
    9. Return the Burning event where already made Under 150 characters can burn again.
    10. Options under graphics where you can disable animations for better cpu so people wont have lagging issues.
    11. And Finally , have Special Suggested Players to be Helper GM's for Nexon so they can help out in game with the cheaters removal so that players don't have to wait for GM's to get on and nuke them.
  • New Mage!!!

    *Me sees New Mage class thats an Elf* *BREATHS HEAVLY* AHHHHHGJHKJGHJH>JBHELHEGGH