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  • MapleStory X Re:ZERO Cash Shop Update Changes

    Hello Admins and Maplers! It's essay time.

    I realize that Nexon is a company as a whole and aims for long-term profits. Reboot is a special server where you must remove a substantial number of sources of profit (i.e. Cubes) to eliminate the infamous "pay2win" aspect, in favor of "grind2win". In this case, profit comes from convenience and cosmetics. However, this is my argument:

    Cubes purchasable through NX were the main source of many players' discontent as one could spend hundreds to drastically increase their range (in magnitudes exceeding 5000%). However, medals that increase a player's range by around 1% should not be so alarming. The number of players excited for this crossover event is much more than you think. Moreover, I can confidently say that most of your player base was/is looking forward to the medals. Is preventing 1% more range worth eliminating the highlight of the crossover event? In any case, this argument supports keeping medals in the NX boxes and technically violates the philosophy of "absolutely no pay2win."

    Let's assume that the following is a list of your goals:

    - Allow Reboot players to have access to all crossover content.
    - Prevent pay2win on Reboot (i.e. no players can obtain medals via NX).
    - Support grind2win on Reboot (the essence of Reboot).

    For the best of all worlds (for you as a company, your Reboot philosophy, and your player base), I believe there are better solutions to the "problems" that you've answered. Please consider them.

    If you truly care about your Reboot player base and are willing to sacrifice:
    1. Keep the medals in the boxes, but entirely remove the boxes purchasable through NX on Reboot. (100 million mesos/box alone is perfect.)

    Or, if you MUST have a source of profit from this event:
    2. Only remove the medals from the NX version of the box. (And keep 100 million mesos/box.)

    Or, if you MUST have a source of profit from this event, but you're afraid that option #2 will decentivize players from purchasing the NX version of the box:
    3. Remove the medals from both boxes and just give all Reboot players the medals for free. (Honestly don't see why not, since this is your current decision + Reboot players gain access to the highlight of the crossover event.)

    What do you think?

    P. S.

    Reboot still contains the "pay4convenience" aspect (i.e. pet skills, Conjurer's Cache for inventory bag items). The Permanent Pendant Slot is very much a convenience item. Hence, I believe that the inclusion of the Permanent Pendant Slot Expansion is not a problem. However, this isn't too big of a deal - just thought I'd mention it.