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  • [Announcement] Regarding Kanna's Haku's Blessing


    The fact that a devision was made to nerf the buff on Kanna shows a lack of knowledge of the basics of Kanna on the company's behalf.

    Let's start at the beginning: Kanna was introduced as a bossing mage. Not a support mage, not a side kick mage, a bossing mage. It was given a unique set of skills and even a hurricane type attack! Personally, the unique animations and skills drew me to the class. It wasn't until the tune up patch that I felt Kanna could actually live up to its title as a bossing mage. Until that patch, our damage was feeble! At that time I thought you guys actually played the class for once.

    I'll admit, Kanna was clunky for a LONG time, bit eventually we received QoL updates that made the playing the class more fluid. Tune up perfected the class. It was satisfying to be able to finally kill bosses that my counterparts in game could kill at ease. I also found that the patch made grinding to 250 a realistic goal. I was able to reasonably kill mobs at my level range.

    Unfortunately with this uodate, the nerf took Kanna back to pre tune up. Even worse, we are weaker than ever. As a lv 240, with well maxed nodes, its embarassing to not be able to hold my own in lv appropriate content. Its quite clear to anyone who has experience playing the class that the nerf to Hakus blessing is detrimental to Kannas livlihood.

    Now, to address some concerns about the skill.
    1. Yes, its an op party buff. Solution, make it a solo buff
    2. The people who complain about the damage boosts mages get from haku clearly havent played a mage class seriosuly enough to know how much they fall behind to their meelee counterparts. Kanna is a beacon of light for mage parties. No more do mages need to have a good friend to get into high level content. Instead they could band together and fend for themselves.

    I strongly urge the team to reconsider this change. If the team is true to their word, they will see how difficult this supposed bossing class is to play now.